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We are one of the leading brands of health foods and breakfast cereals in the Indian subcontinent. With a tagline of ‘Let’s put health first' we make products that are healthy, honest, innovative and of exceptional quality. Bagrry’s has been a pioneer in India for products such as muesli, oats, bran and our range now includes many more healthy foods. For over 20 years we've aimed at setting new standards in innovation, responsible nutrition and quality manufacturing. Over the years, we have created products that have helped our consumers live a fit and healthy lifestyle.

The inspiration behind Bagrry’s came from the writings of none other than Mahatma Gandhi. Our founder, Mr. Shyam Bagri, in his early days came across a passage from Gandhi ji's book 'India of My Dreams' that elucidated the nutritive value of 'choker' or wheat bran which gets lost in processed foods. From there on he embarked on his journey to createthe Bagrry's range of products that are innovative, natural and honestly healthy.


"We believe that access to nutritious and high quality food is a right, not a privilege. The market today is packed with unhealthy foods as well as many products that have a perception of health, but in reality may not be good for you. As a food manufacturer, it is our responsibility to provide our consumers with honestly healthy options, which is why we focus on health first in each of our products"

Shyam Bagri, Founder


At Bagrry's, exceptional care is taken at every step, right from the sourcing of our ingredients to carefully processing them to ensure that only the best of what we make, reaches our consumers. Over the years, we've transformed our production processes with the introduction of new technologies and our complete focus towards in-house Research Development. We constantly strive for new benchmarks in quality management and most of our group’s state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities are accredited with international quality certifications such as FSSC 22000, HACCP and Halal.

Our group has a lineage of over 50 years in food processing in which Product Development, Quality Management and Innovation have been the cornerstones of our success. We also supply our products in bulk to multinationals and leading
Indian food and hospitality companies.


Our products have various health benefits. From managing weight to keeping your heart healthy or simply in your endeavors of staying fit



We supply high quality products such as oats, wheat flour, bran and other cereals in bulk. Our significant B2B capabilities ensure that we provide the right solutions for our clients