At Bagrry's, we believe it is our responsibility to offer products that have a positive impact on the lives of our consumers. Since the past two decades, our mission has been to provide nutritious, honest and innovative foods of exceptional quality. Here are some heart-warming testimonials from our consumers that keep us going.

I would like to thank you for such wonder full healthy Products you have launched.
2 months back our office has started Fit for Life Program for overweight Employees...

Mr. Madhusudan More
They are tasty, nutritious and excellent source of much needed fiber – exactly what we have been looking for

Mr. Gary J Newcome
Suffering from Hyperthyroidism since last 3-4 years………tried germinated wheat bran ………today I am Off any laxative at night

Mr. Gunvati H Vaidya
Bagrrys crunchy muesli supplied to Maurya Sheraton , New Delhi was served to Hon’ble president of USA Mr. Bill Clinton and his entourage

Your product WHEAT BRAN. I have been taking it for the last about two weeks and the result is absolutely amazing. It has already become a permanent part of my daily diet

Mr. Raj Vashishtha
Travelling in India and Bhutan last year I came across your excellent Crunchy Muesli, which was the best breakfast cereal I have ever eaten

Mr. Alix Sharkey
Your white Oats are one of my favorites, I use them and so do my friends

Mr. Hans kilner
I am very delighted to find your products…….. highly nutritious and delicious for health. I congratulate you for introducing

Ms. Naresh Kumar
Commandent BSF
My Cholestrol was 250 which is now 177 , my triglyceride were 220 which are now 127, These products have solved my constipation problem of 40 years

Mr. Ajit Singh


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