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Oats contain a higher count of well-balanced proteins as compared to other types of cereals. It is one of the richest sources of fibre, vitamins, folic acid, and thiamine. Bagrry's Oats for Atta and White Oats are the products which are highly recommended. They are not only tasty but provide you with all the benefits and accelerate weight loss also.

Dr. Nidhi Sawhney
Dietician, NUTRIadvice
Health Benefits: Bran packs such a wallop of insoluble fibre at one sitting. There's no our-story-about-us-bannerderestimating the health boost from a daily bowl of bran cereal.

Dr. Neetu Jha
Eating whole grains may help with weight loss.

Ms. Nisha Choudhary (M.Sc. F&N)
Sr. Dietician and Manager
Today each one of us is aware of healthy eating habits but find it difficult to inculcate it in our everyday busy schedule. But Bagrry’s has come out with so many easy options for healthy eating. I personally recommend Bagrry’s products to all my clients for several reasons.

Ms. Neeta Pradeep
Nutritionist Nutrijump Health Solutions
Bagrrys B Special Slim Muesli is undoubtedly one of the best products available for a healthy morning and also for weight watchers. Also would like to mention how adding fibre to the daily diet has become so easy thanks again to Bagrrys for Wheat Bran and Oat Bran.

Ms. Mamta Aharwal
For anyone with cholesterol, diabetes, diabesity (diabetes and obesity), High Blood Pressure, Constipation, Gluten allergy, heart problems and weight issues, Oatmeal is the solution for all. As a nutritionist, my personal favourite is Bagrry’s Masala Oats, Oats Poha, Oats Upma, Oats Rice and plain oatmeal.

Ms. Shreya Katyal
Dietician Health and You
A steaming bowl of fresh cooked oatmeal is the perfect way to start off your day, especially if you are trying to prevent or are currently dealing with heart disease or diabetes.

Dr. Divya Choudhary
Nutritionist, MAX Hospital
Bagrry's Oats is a health addition to their diet. Oats being very low in calories does not add extra fat to the body and the high fiber shows that a daily consumption of oatmeal also helps prevent obesity and issues of excess weight gain in children.

Ms. Reema Verma
Sr. Dietician Vibes Health Care
Oats is the best way to inculcate soluble fibre in one’s routine. Oats can be consumed in the form of oat meal, muesli with oats, oats atta, oats bran, oats suji, oats idli, oats upma etc. All these products are easily available with major brands like Baggry’s, etc.

Ms. Akshita Aggarwal
Dietician MSc Food and Nutrition Clinical Dietician
Bagrry's Oats and Bran have helped my customers to achieve best weight-loss results.

Ms. Chetna Pathania
Dietician LiveYoung Diet Clinic Chandigarh
Quinoa is a super food and is a good source of fibre and good quality protein. Fibre helps in detoxification which ensures healthy bowel movements, reduces cholesterol levels, blood sugar and Type 2 Diabetes. It is also a complete protein containing all the nine essential amino acids.

Dr. Avni Kaul
Senior Nutrition Counselor- Fitness First


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