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Bagrry’s is one of the leading brands of health foods in India. We manufacture and market a wide range of high-fibre breakfast cereals and health foods which are wholesome and nutritious. 

Bagrry’s comes from the lineage of food processing group having experience of five decades in the food industry. Bagrrys India Limited today boasts of pan-India presence. With a constant commitment to deliver the optimum quality of products to our customers we have moved from strength to strength through constant innovation and improvisation in every step of our processes.

As our tagline ‘Lets put Health First’ suggests, we put the health of our consumers before anything else. We aim to make nutritious products of exceptional quality that are honest in their promise of good health, contain nothing artificial and are innovative in meeting our consumer’s needs.

At Bagrry’s we strive that there is nothing artificial about our products. We aim to create products that contain no artificial flavours, colours or preservatives. When our pack says ‘100% Natural” it implies that each of the ingredients in that particular product are sourced from natural origins. Even our other products without this claim are made with a healthy outlook, but may have a trace carry over ingredient from our suppliers which may not constitute as natural.

At Bagrry’s, we source some of the finest ingredients from around the world to add health to your diet.

The term ‘Muesli’ is derived from the Swiss German word, ‘Mus’, which means mixture. It is made of whole grains, nuts, fruits, berries, honey etc, in various healthy and delicious combinations. It is most commonly consumed as a ready-to-eat breakfast cereal in various parts of the world.

For over 20 years, we’ve been the pioneers in bringing muesli to Indian breakfast tables. There is nothing artificial in a bowl of Bagrry’s Muesli. We carefully select some of the finest ingredients from across the world for our muesli. They contain a high amounts of Oats (in some cases more than 50%), just like the original recipe and we also add a touch of the Bagrry’s ingenuity in processing. With our wide portfolio, we ensure that we have a muesli which match your nutrition needs and you can also pamper your taste buds with our wide variety of flavours.

To get the best out of Bagrry’s Muesli, you can consume it with hot or cold milk, yogurt, curd, cream, fresh fruits or even as a topping for your desserts. Or, you can simply enjoy the deliciously crunchy taste of Bagrry’s Muesli as it is.

Bagrry’s Oats are wholesome and nourishing. Naturally packed with a type of soluble fibre called beta glucan, they may help reduce cholesterol, manage weight and are also a good source of energy along with a host of other benefits.

  • Energy to keep you going^
  • High in fibre*
  • High in protein*
  • Helps reduce cholesterol+
  • Helps manage weight~
  • May help reduce the risk of high blood pressure

^ Whole grains provide energy and are a source of dietary fibre. Oats offer a variety of whole grain benefits and can help in maintaining a balanced lifestyle. It has got the energy to help keep you going.
*As per Codex Alimentarius Comisssion Guidelines
+Contains beta gllucan fibre that helps reduce cholesterol. 3g of soluble fibre daily from oats, in a diet low in saturated fat and cholesterol, may reduce the risk of heart disease. As a part of balanced diet low in saturated fat & cholesterol and accompanied by a healthy & active lifestyle. (USFDA Guidelines).
~Oats are a rich source of dietary fibre. Diets rich in fibre may help maintain weight. (USDA Dietary Guidelines 2010)
Diets low in sodium may reduce the risk of high blood pressure, a disease associated with many factors. Individuals with high blood pressure should consult their physician (USFDA Guidelines).

Bagrry’s Whole Oats are jumbo oats that have been flaked with the full grain kernel to produce flakes, since they are larger they take about 7 minutes to cook and provide a deliciously chewy taste.

Bagrry’s White oats are flaked from steel cut oats (oats that are cut into two or three pieces). They are smaller than jumbo flakes, cook quicker and make a finer, smoother porridge.

Oat is a whole grain like wheat, barley, corn and is called “jai” or “javi” in Hindi. Oats are natural and one of the superior sources of fibre. Derived from the outer layer of the oat grain, oat bran is a natural source of soluble fibre and is rich in protein.

Both, Bagrry’s Wheat Bran and Oat Bran are very healthy additions to your diet regime and help in a variety of ways.

Wheat Bran is an excellent source of insoluble natural dietary fibre. It has the following key benefits:

  • Helps Manage Weight^
    Wheat bran is a good source of dietary fibre. Research shows that high intake of dietary fibre along with regular physical activity may help in weight management.
  • Digestive Health**
    Dietary fibre is important in your daily diet as it can work like a broom to help cleanse**your digestive system and helps it in function smoothly.

^ Diet, Nutrition & the prevention of Chronic Diseases. WHO Technical Report Series 916. Report of a joint  WHO/FAO expert consultation2003.
**The cleansing of the digestive system refers to the function of insoluble fibre in adding bulk and softness to the faeces which helps maintain regular bowel movement and thus cleanses the digestive system.

Oat Bran is a good source of soluble fibre and is also rich in protein. It has the following health benefits:

  • Helps Reduce Cholesterol~
    Oat bran contains beta-glucan soluble fibre that helps reduce cholesterol.
    3g of soluble fibre from Oats, in a diet low in saturated fat & cholesterol, may reduce the risk of heart disease. As a part of balanced diet low in saturated fat & cholesterol and accompanied by a healthy & active lifestyle (USFDA Guidelines).
  • Helps Manage Weight$
    Oat Bran is a rich source of dietary fibre. Diets rich in fibre may help in weight management.

$ Diet, Nutrition & the prevention of Chronic Diseases. WHO Technical Report Series 916. Report of a joint  WHO/FAO expert consultation2003.



For best results we recommend starting with 2-3 tsp of bran daily and gradually increase the quantity to 6 tsp per day. We suggest solicitation from a dietician or nutritionist for ensuring you add sufficient fibre to your diet.

The oats we buy are handled and transported in bulk by our suppliers. Cross contact can occur if the oats are grown in fields or transported in vehicles that once contained other grains such wheat. Since the kernels of the other grains are similar in size, shape and color to the oat kernel, it is almost impossible to separate them.

Moreover our facilities which process oats also handle wheat, hence we do not label our products as gluten free.


Bagrry’s is a responsible brand for health and nutrition, we value the trust of our consumers. Hence, we market products which we believe are natural, honest and wholesome rather than products that are marketed on a perception of health.

We don’t believe regular Corn Flakes is a healthy offering under our portfolio as it has does not have the requisite levels of dietary fibre and is high on the Glycemic Index.


Oats is a grain with a variety of health benefits. However, in India, not everyone consumes porridge every day as we have some truly delectable ethnic food options.

Moreover, to get the recommended amount of 3g of soluble fibre from oats, which helps reduce your cholesterol, you need 70g of oats a day (that is more than 2 bowls of oats porridge!)

We at Bagrry’s, with our innovative milling technology have transformed imported oats from a simple porridge, native to UK, USA, Canada & Europe into a healthy yet sumptuous range of staples we call – Oats for India.

The range is an easy way to have oats as a staple ingredient in our everyday meals. Now, you can reap the benefits of oats with traditional Indian dishes such as Poha, Rice and Upma, Rotis etc.

Bagrry’s White Oats, Oat bran & the Oats for India range may help reduce cholesterol.

All our products are high in fibre and may help in your endeavor to stay fit.

Our Wheat Bran, B Special Slim Muesli, Crunchy Muesli - No Added Sugar, Oat Bran, White Oats and the Oats for India range specifically help in managing weight.

Our muesli contains wheat & oats and may also contain soy and nuts. They are produced on a line handling soy & nuts. Our oat based products are processed in the same facility that also handles wheat.

We recommend that Bagrry’s products be stored in a cool, dry & odour free place. Once opened, it is important to store contents in a well-sealed container to eliminate the risk of infestation and to retain freshness.

Our products are widely distributed across India and the subcontinent and are available in most leading supermarkets, departmental stores as well as in online stores. In case your favourite Bagrry’s product is missing in your neighborhood, do reach out to our Consumer Care Division at Tel No. :011-Tel: 264529439, E-Mail: consumercare@bagrrys.com. Toll Free No.: 1800 3000 4006

Our team will assist you in finding our products.

For feedback & queries on our products please contact our Consumer Care Division at: Tel No. :011-264529439; E-mail: consumercare@bagrrys.com, Toll Free No.: 1800 3000 4006 or write to us (indicating B.No. & Pkd.) at Bagrrys India Ltd, LGF 11-14, Vasant Square Mall, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi - 110070